The universal village of Mboka A Nzambe

The universal village of Mboka A Nzambe has been set up by the King-Healer Adumangana at less than 100km of Libreville. This village is entirely built out of woods and barks of equatorial forest. Its main activity is healing (thousands people were cured in the last years) dispensed by Adumangana and his followers, out of Iboga and other plants of the forest, and sometimes during ceremonies. In particular, the sanctuary ceremony is the one through which most of patients will go through. This village also has an association Ebota A Maghanga, and is developping aquaculture and permacultural projects

The association Ebota A Maghanga

The tribe of Knowledge

One directing board organizing the work of 9 commissions, of around 30 active members, this association organizes the village life and its activities. Plantations, building of aquaculture bassins, houses building, curing at the village and ceremonies make the essential of those activities. The role of the association is to provide the best products to the villagers for a greater autonomy, and to supervise ceremonies.

Building houses the Mboka A Nzambe way Faîte d'une case Aquaculture bassins building
Building at Mboka A Nzambe


Mboka A Nzambe Festival, end of July 2018 !

Each year, the village sets up a 10 days festival of ceremonies: initiation, celebration, sanctuary, Edika, Dissumba... Sovater and the travel agency Middle-Africa are preparing the coming of three groups of tourists, from all around the world. Most of those travellers will also have the opportunity to do a trip inside Gabon in the most famous bwiti villages, discovering other bwiti trends. For more informations, contact us !

Ceremony set up Adumangana, preaching in Sanctuary. Sanctuary ceremony
Ceremonies at Mboka A Nzambe


Un solar panel for Mboka A Nzambe !!

Communication tools are missing in the village ! Even the phone connection isn't reaaly efficient, since the power supply is very irregular. Adumangana tries since a few years to find a solution, and already bought an antenna, a battery and a converter. We want to help them set up this equipment before the 2018 Festival !!! We need 4000 euros !!
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"A solar panel for Mboka a Nzambe"

Converter and battery of Mboka A Nzambe The antenna of the village Sanctuary ceremony
Support Mboka A Nzambe !